Do These 5 Simple Things and Boost Your Career

Boost Your Career

Boost your career – A brief introduction

If you are someone who feels ready to move forward at work, these simple rules could help you quickly move into the job role that you have been waiting for or increase your pay.

Master your job role

Master your job role to boost your career

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If you want a pay rise or a promotion, you aren’t going to get anywhere if you’ve not mastered your role.

Focus on becoming more proactive. Listen to what your boss is telling you and aim higher!

Rather than thinking “What can I get away with?”, think “How do I master this role?”

Look to help others

Offer a helping hand!

If you have already mastered your role and other members of staff are struggling with their workload, offer to help out and take on some extra responsibilities.

Before you choose who to help, think about:

  • In what area could I benefit from experience
  • Who needs my help the most
  • and what task would most help my boss

Increase your visibility

Increase your visibility

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Aim to be more visible to your boss/organisation, especially those on the next management layer up from you.

  • Attend social events
  • Contribute in meetings
  • Help organise staff socials
  • Connect and be active on social networks (especially LinkedIn)

Improve your skills and go on courses

Supercharge your skills

Many skills can be self-taught, but for some roles you will need to qualify or attend formal training.

If you don’t foresee your employer paying for a course, you could offer to part fund the course or even pay for it yourself (you still may need time off work to attend). Requesting training is a great way to let your boss know you are interested in moving forward.

Create extra roles for yourself

Take on new roles!

Taking on extra roles can show your boss that you are proactive and that you are willing to take on more responsibility.

If you have the time and your boss is open to it, you could make some suggestions that you feel may improve the business.

You could volunteer to:

  • start a company newsletter
  • manage the company blog/social media
  • give presentations
  • run meetings

(If you don’t have experience in the above areas, you may choose to attend training first).

The last word

Being good at your job sometimes isn’t enough. The employer hired you with hopes that you would be good at your role. So if you are, your employer will most likely be happy to keep you there.

Letting your employer know that you are wanting more from your job, tells them they could lose you if they don’t support you. If you have a good reputation in the company already, it’s likely they won’t want that to happen.

If you have tried everything to get ahead and you aren’t getting anywhere, you may just be in the wrong company, though we still recommend that you follow the steps above and at the very least they will help you to secure a better role elsewhere.

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Posted on: December 2, 2014, by Michael Kirk

7 responses to “Do These 5 Simple Things and Boost Your Career”

  1. Mike Matthews says:

    In a developing organisation, the helping hand is key, and I feel honoured to work with people like Andy Atkin. His subject knowledge, creativity and attention to detail makes things ‘fizz’ in our team, and we are able to come up with exciting, even risky, innovative ideas to support delivery.

  2. Zaheer says:

    Great post! I believe all the points mentioned above can be vital to furthering your career and achieving your long-term aspirations.

    Though, I would mention ‘Building Trust’ as a point to put across. By building trust with your manager/employer leads to them having more faith in you, in turn enabling you to acquire more responsibility.

  3. Stephen says:

    This as been very interesting to read and has some good advice

  4. Michael J says:

    Being proactive is key in career development. Ambitious people know what they want from their job, set their goals and plan to accomplish them.
    The best companies devise formal programmes to help their staff progress.
    Don’t wait for appraisals to discuss your career goals with your boss and find out if your company is willing to contribute to the cost of gaining new qualifications.

    • Michael Kirk says:

      Good points! It’s important to talk to your boss regularly to know whether your goals and their goals align.

      Also it’s easy for your boss not to notice your efforts… A few regular chats can jog their memory and remind them to think of you when opportunities arise.

  5. Abigail Chappel says:

    Brilliant post, very interesting to read as someone who is currently in an apprentice role.

    I feel that showing initiative and completing tasks before deadlines shows commitment/interest in the job you are currently doing, which in turn can show your employer that you have the skills needed to progress within the company.

    All points mentioned are great advice and something that I know I personally will take on board when thinking about the future.

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