Marcella childcare level 1

Childcare Case Study | Marcella

Marcella | Cache Level 1 – Caring for Children

Trainer Assessor’s comments (Surinder)

Marcella has a passion for childcare and we recognised her creativity from the start of the course. She is obviously a smart girl & I hope to be working with her in the future, to meet her goals and to further her career working with children.

Childcare Journey Cache Level 1

Marcella’s comments

Previous to taking this course (CACHE Level 1 in Caring for Children), I was working in retail and I literally hated every minute of it. It really didn’t suit me at all. I remember one time I took a job recommended to me by the job centre. It was working in a fruit & veg shop and after only the first week they let me go. Soon after I heard that this shop had only hired me to cover someone’s sick leave and they had returned soon after I started working with them. This really knocked my confidence. I really hate to be unemployed, but sometimes there just aren’t any options available. Or at least that’s how it seemed. The Job Centre didn’t let me down though. Eventually they found something that suited me – they found this course in childcare! I am quite a creative person and I really enjoy being around children. I love to sing and I feel this will really help when I’m working with kids.

This course was eye opening! It wasn’t what I thought it would be.

This course was eye opening! It wasn’t what I thought it would be. It wasn’t like being at school at all. It was really interesting and fun at the same time. It gave me a taste of what my future could look like. After doing this course I have decided I would like to work in a nursery long term and I am going to continue my education. I definitely plan to do this with train together as I enjoyed learning with them and I know that they can support me through this. The course flowed really well and the tutors were really easy to get along with. After my placement (which they have set up for me) I will be continuing my learning with Train Together and I would recommend that anyone interested in childcare should get in touch with them.

From the team (Charles Dall’Omo, Managing Director)

Marcella passed her CACHE Level 1 course and is due to start her placement next week. It looks like Marcella will continue push forward in her childcare training and we are going to support her along the way. We look forward to hearing how she gets on with her placement and we expect to be working with her in the near future.