CYPW L3 Case Study | Sam Flynn

Sam’s Comments

SamFlynnCricle I left school without qualifications and worked in Construction. Though I continued on this path for some time, I felt it wasn’t for me and I decided to look into other areas of work.

I had previously taken an NVQ in Health and Social Care and I felt that I wanted to do something to help those in need. I started work as a Support Worker in a children’s home and I was encouraged to take a qualification called the Level 3 Children and Young People’s Workforce (CYPW).

I trained with Train Together and I found my trainer (Bridget) to be a kind and helpful person, and I got all the support I needed to complete my Level 3 CYPW Apprenticeship.

The course was tough, but I learned a lot and it has made me a lot more confident in my job. Not only that, since taking my Level 3 CYPW Apprenticeship, I have been promoted to a senior position. I now have more responsibility in my job and I am overseeing other staff in the Care Home.

Completing the QCF level 3 has opened doors to further self-development including University. It allows me to work while I study, which simply wasn’t an option before now. Sam Flynn Quote Now I can see a light ahead of me I have been looking into the possibility of enrolling on a counselling course at University. Though it could take some time to complete, doing my Level 3 Apprenticeship has given me more confidence to take on more challenges.

My Level 3 CYPW is out of the way and now I feel like I can achieve anything I want if I put my mind to it. I now have a new found confidence in myself. Childcare-Apprenticeships