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Train Together on John Lewis, Norwich

Following the completion of their Functional Skills English course, Partners at John Lewis in Norwich all agreed that the course had led to improved motivation and confidence. Partners learnt key core skills that should prove useful both at work and in their day to day lives. Attendance over the whole course was high at 92% which undoubtedly contributed toward the success of the programme.

John-Lewis Norwich Course Success


Jo Mullins – Regional Learning Facilitator for John Lewis East

Jo Mullins John Lewis Having sat in on a review session with one of our English groups this morning, I am really encouraged to see and hear the progress our Partners have been making. It is evident how much they are enjoying the sessions and almost impossible to measure how much they are gaining from it!

What the learners had to say

Partners at Norwich are form a variety of different backgrounds and age groups, but each found benefit on the training course:

“I learnt loads about letter writing and improving my spelling. It’s been really useful.”


“My spelling definitely improved and my letter writing as well. I also learnt to plan before I write my letter which I didn’t do before.”


“It wasn’t like being at school because it was work related… It just didn’t feel like you were at school.”


“It felt like a safe learning environment.”


“It certainly put my confidence up.” Developing skills such as persuasive language, letter writing, spelling and punctuation came in useful both in and out of work: I’ve had to write an e-mail to the council and I got a quick response. The English course helped with that.”




A few words from our tutor – Tina Cook

Tina Cook

I teach a lesson with the goal of engaging learners, which I feel I achieved by the high standards and quality work produced and the excellent attendance within the Norwich group at John Lewis. Not only were the learners friendly, enthusiastic, approachable and willing to put in 100%, but so was their Learning Facilitator. Jo Mullins supported and was behind her Partners throughout their learning journey and nothing was too much trouble for her. John Lewis, Norwich has been pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with them again as the next course commences in July.

Next steps

Gaining a Functional Skills qualification demonstrates the ability to apply knowledge to solve problems in everyday life and at work; Level 2 Functional Skills are also a requirement of completing a BTEC Level 3 Apprenticeship and can act as a springboard for further learning such as GCSEs. Having completed their English qualification, many of the Partner’s at Norwich have now signed up for a maths qualification with Train Together. They have developed a love of learning that has given them the confidence to tackle this new challenge. Sam Quote John Lewis Norwich