Covid-19 | Our Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

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At Train Together, we deeply value the working partnership and relationships that we have with our learner and client employers and during these unprecedented and uncertain times we want to ensure that we remain fully available to you, whatever your need.

Our commitment to you is that we will continue to support you as both a learner working towards your qualifications and standards and as an employer looking to improve the personal and professional lives of your staff through learning and development (L&D). However, as we do this, we want to ensure that we take a responsible approach to the maintenance of health, safety and well-being of all L&D stakeholders across your organisation and ours.

As Covid-19 attempts to create chaos around us, we at Train Together will follow and implement Government Guidelines and modify the ways in which we deliver teaching, learning and assessment to both (a) meet the national advice and guidance given and (b) meet the needs of our learners. To do this we have:

  • Transitioned all face-to-face contact with learners onto our virtual teaching and learning platforms
  • Offer additional remote 1-2-1 support to all learners as per our learner’s needs
  • Transitioned all enrolment and learner support activities to be carried out remotely
  • Suspended all planned examinations

We will support our learners to continue in learning, developing their knowledge, reflecting on their skills development and to update any elements of their course that they are behind on including their journal. We believe that the opportunity to engage in remote learning will be a chance to develop ICT skills utilising the vast range of technology we use including:

  • Webinar Technology for 1-2-1s and group teaching and learning
  • Face-time calling on Google Duo and WhatsApp
  • Telephone Conferencing for group discussion and communication
  • Virtual Workshops – We are fortunate to be a recognised-Education organisation with both Microsoft and Google and as such have their systems at our finger tips
  • Social messaging such as WhatsApp
  • OneFile Nomad – Your e-Portfolio to set, submit and store your work
  • Padlet – Our chosen online resource bank which we use to share information, media and ideas with each other and our learners
  • BKSB – Our chosen English, maths and ICT learning and assessment tool.

Ultimately, our goal is for learner progress to be as unaffected as possible by Covid-19.

We want to be a positive and look to the future at this challenging time. If you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here for you and available to talk.

Best wishes,


Dr. Charles Dall’Omo
Chief Executive Officer

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