Dedicated to your cause

Our Vision

To improve lives through education, training and personal development that will inspire generational change

who are we?

We are an independent training provider supporting employers and individuals across England to develop skills and gain recognised Management and Leadership, Logistics and Supply Chain, Early Years, and Teaching and Learning in Schools qualifications.

How do we support you?

Firstly, we make sure we understand you. Whether you are an employer or an individual, we want to know what you are passionate about and what your targets are. We work with you to choose a service and qualification that is fit for purpose and build a tailor-made training and development plan.

what makes us tick?

We are passionate about transforming lives and enabling both businesses and individual learners to achieve their goals. We are committed to making a sustainable impact in the local community by enabling employers and individuals to access training and qualifications. Our impact is to develop a more employable and content workforce, to provide individuals with more opportunities and more confidence, and to promote a more prosperous society for all.

how is training funded?

We are experts in government and European funding and will support you to access full or co-funding to make our training as cost-effective as possible. We are dedicated to ensuring the funding we receive on your behalf is well-utilised and stewarded. As experts in funding, we can provide employers and individuals with access to a range of funding solutions to support their development aspirations. In addition to Apprenticeships, we also deliver stand-alone qualifications that can be funded commercially by yourself or through a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan.

We invest in our team

It’s in our DNA

We want to see our team personally and professionally grow and to achieve their goals no matter how big. First and foremost, we do this because we want our team to be inspired, motivated and engaged in the vision and mission. We want out team to know that they are appreciated and valued.

To enable you to invest in your team

To deliver an excellent service and engaging training, our team must be the best version of themselves that they can be. Our team have opportunity to develop and to take on more responsibility and, as such, are proactive, experienced and will go above and beyond for each other and their learners.

find out how we can support your goals

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional training: developing and empowering individuals to provide consistently great service, with confidence and skill.

Our values mean a lot to us. They are the foundations to how we support our learners and employer clients. They are the framework by which we communicate with each other and continually improve the service we provide and the products we deliver.

We nurture

At the core of our values is the word Nurture. It reminds us that the maintaining of excellent relationships with internal and external stakeholders is key to meeting our vision and mission. We believe that the energy we pour into each other as a team is the secret ingredient to our success.

We are courageous

A challenging word that is part of our value system is Courageous. In many ways, it is the most important. It encourages us to not draw back from difficult conversations with each other, our learners and our employer clients. It enables us to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

We are genuine

Genuine for us is about maintaining transparency in all we do. We want our communication with all stakeholders to be clear and clean, and for our learners and employer clients to have a full view of the learning journey ahead. It reminds us the word genuine reminds us not to be afraid to fully bring ourselves to our job roles everyday.

We are dedicated

We desire to go above and beyond for our learners and clients, to offer truly excellent resources and benefits, and to see our learners achieve their personal and professional goals. To do this, we dedicate ourselves to each other, our learners and our client employers. We are not afraid to take on responsibilities and to see the task through.

We empower

To help our learners and employer clients meet their goals, we ensure that we provide complete information, advice and guidance (IAG) that enables excellent decision making. We desire to see our learners take the lead in their own learning journey and for our employers to succeed in meeting strategic objectives set at the beginning of the course programme.

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