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If you are ambitious and want to develop your skills, gain knowledge and obtain a deeper understanding within your area of expertise then Train Together would like to work with you. We care about you and your goals and will support you to review and achieve your personal development targets, gain industry-recognised qualifications and to climb the education ladder. We can help you find full and part-funding to support the costs of your training and will inform, advise and guide you each step of the way.

Training is flexible. As a learner with Train Together, you will be provided with a personalised online portal which can be accessed at anytime so that your learning fits around you. If you require additional support, this will be provided and your learning plan amended to reflect the personalised support you require. If you’re interested in being part of the personal development revolution, take a look at the qualifications that Train Together can support you to achieve.

Teaching learning & assessment

For those wishing to improve and develop their qualifications, skills and knowledge to support others in a variety of learning roles.

Pre-school Childcare

Our early years sector training enables you to keep updated on new research in areas such as: early learning, value of play and teaching strategies and practices.

Primary & Secondary Education

Our courses for the primary and secondary education sector will enable progression of your skills, knowledge and experience.

Business & Management

For those working in a business environment our courses provide opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge across a variety of job roles/responsibilities.

Health & well-being

Health and well-being are important in their own right and can provide huge benefits within personal and work life. Courses in this area can help you in this quest for yourself and others.

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