Level 5 Early Years Lead Practitioner (EYLP)

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Level 5 Early Years Lead Practitioner

Childcare Apprenticeship Course

You will develop knowledge, skills and behaviours of early years practitioners to be proactive and influential, through ongoing support, coaching and skilful leading of their day to day practice at an operational level.

As you develop your leadership and management styles more deeply, you will promote the health and well-being of all children, participating in and leading daily activities, whilst remaining compliant with the latest legislation, policy implementation and strategies at all levels including, nationally, locally and placement specific requirements.

A proactive and effective key member of the team, using initiative and advocating on behalf of the children ensuring best practice across all areas while maintaining strong leadership practice.

The EYLP L5 will help you to:

  • Support and promote children’s early education and development through enrichment
  • Support the quality of learning and development in their setting with collaborative practice
  • Engage with sector developments both locally and nationally
  • Skilfully lead day-to-day practice at an operational level
  • Safeguard and promote the health, safety and welfare of children including up to date industry legislation
  • Work in partnership with the key person, colleagues, parents and/or carers or other professionals

At the end of the course for your End Point Assessment will consist of, An observation of Practice, Professional Discussion underpinned by a portfolio of evidence Case Study with Report, Presentation and Questions.

Level 3 Early Years Foundation Teaching Assistant

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