Level 3 Community Sport & Health Officer

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Community Sport and Health Officer

The role of a community sport and health officer (CSHO) is integral to improved social cohesion. As an important source of information, advice and guidance, you enhance, embed and support individuals and groups to lead more active lifestyle across all aspects of their personal life. A CSHO enriches the life of those around them, encouraging self-belief, personal power and the confidence to engage in a healthier and more active life. You are crucial to improving not only the physical health but also the mental health and overall well-being of everyone within the community.

The Level 3 Community Sport and Health Officer standard will support you to:

  • Initiate positive changes in sport and health behaviour in local residents
  • Work in partnership with local organisations and individuals to scope, organise, and coordinate the delivery of sport and health improvement opportunities
  • Collaborate with a network of partners and stakeholders on community and health-related projects
  • Develop your community engagement knowledge, skills and practice and achieve measurable impact within the community.

At the end of the course, you will (1) be observed delivering a work-based observation, (2) showcase a case study challenge, (3) present your work with with Q&A session and (4) complete a panel interview.

Community Sport and Health Officer transforming lives in their community

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