Level 3 Leisure Duty Manager

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Leisure Duty Manager

A leisure duty manager (LDM) is integral operational role within the active leisure sector. With a high involvement and active participation around all areas within the facility, LDMs ensure a safe, secure and productive environment for everyone including customers, staff and community stakeholders. Types of venues which employ LDMs include sports stadiums, leisure centres, gyms, swimming pools, creches, and children soft play centres. If you would like to lead within an active leisure environment, engage in LDM continuing professional development (CPD) today.

The Level 3 Leisure Duty Manager standard will support you to:

  • Manage and lead within an active leisure organisation
  • Develop facilities and operations management knowledge and skills
  • Develop superb people management practices
  • Create a positive customer service environment
  • Understand the role of professional services and finance
  • Gain an in depth knowledge on quality assurance, legislation and compliance regulations.

At the end of the course, you will be observed doing your day-to-day role and responsibilities, deliver a presentation on a work-based project, and complete a professional discussion with a sector expert.

Leisure Duty Manager

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