Level 4 Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

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Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Suitable for teaching assistants that hold an increased level of responsibility within the school and the classroom such as taking classes on their own, covering planned and unplanned teacher absences, and mentoring other less experienced teaching assistants at the school.

The Level 4 Certificate in Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) will support your CPD in the following areas:

  • Professional knowledge and development for HLTAs
  • Child development and wellbeing
  • Supporting children and young people with Special Educational Needs
  • Promoting positive behaviour
  • Working with individual and groups of learners
  • Developing positive working relationships
  • Curriculem planning, monitoring, delivery and assessment.

To complete your HLTA Certificate, you will (1) complete two observations of your practice, (2) professional discussions, and (3) a written assignment.


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