Primary & Secondary Education

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L2 Supporting Teaching and Learning in SchoolsL2 CYPW (Children and Young Peoples Workforce)L3 Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in SchoolL3 Support for Physical Education and School SportsL3 CYPW (Children and Young Peoples WorkforceHLTA (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)L3 Certificate in Learning and DevelopmentL2/3 Playwork (Certificate / Diploma)

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Primary & Secondary Education

Training and development in the primary and secondary education sector enables the progression of your skills, knowledge and experience. Within this sector job roles and responsibilities are diverse, highlighting the ongoing need for upskilling and continuing professional development.


L2 Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

Appropriate if you are working under supervision within a school setting/environment, to develop your skills and knowledge through mandatory and optional units. A range of areas are covered such as, child and young people’s development, supporting those with disabilities or special educational needs, communication, safeguarding and professional relationships.


L2 CYPW (Children and Young Peoples Workforce)

L2 is suitable for those who are assistants within playgroup/preschools, day nurseries, nursery schools etc. Duration 12 months. Progression on to L3 and EYE or L3 SSTLS.


L3 Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in School

Suitable for those directly working with children and young people in primary, secondary or special schools providing specialist support. This qualification will enable you to acquire an in-depth understanding of the knowledge and skills required including planning, delivering and assessing, supporting the teacher, etc, via mandatory and optional units.


L3 Support for Physical Education and School Sports

Appropriate for those working in physical education and school sport setting, to further develop their understanding and demonstrate their competency within the workplace, linking physical education, the national curriculum and the environment. Within this qualification communication, children and young peoples development, safeguarding and mentoring skills will also be explored.


L3 CYPW (Children and Young Peoples Workforce) 

  • Social Care Pathway (L3) – suitable for those working in pastoral care within schools supporting teaching and learning, residential childcare workers, working in the community with families. Duration approximately 12 – 18 months. Developing skills in assessment and planning with children and young people and promoting their well-being and resilience.
  • Learning, Development, and Support Services Pathway (L3) – suitable for learning mentors. Duration approximately 12-18 months. Developing skills in supporting children and young people in achieving their education potential and making positive changes in their lives.
  • Optional units within these qualifications are chosen to meet specific job roles/responsibilities.


HLTA (Higher Level Teaching Assistant )

Suitable for those teaching assistants that have an increased level of responsibility such as taking classes on their own or used to cover planned absences where teachers are given time to plan and mark.


L3 Certificate in Learning and Development 

Appropriate for those have a learning and development responsibility within their job role, for example work place managers/supervisors, experienced staff who support the learning and development of others.


L2/3 Playwork (Certificate / Diploma)

Suitable for those working in breakfast or afterschool clubs, play schemes, community workers etc. with school aged children.

Career progression could include holiday representative, play worker, child minder, youth/community worker and play therapist.

Duration 12 – 18 months

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