Apprenticeships for Facilities and Workplace Management

Apprenticeships in FM

As a leading Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) centre, we are passionate about all things Facilities Management. A such, we provide high quality apprenticeships from Level 2 to Level 4 to raise their professional status and achieve higher standards in asset management, compliance, policy implementation, quality assurance, people management, contracting and procurement, and financial management.

Facilities Management has a significant impact on the operations of organisations and the health and well-being of stakeholders. Furthermore, the Facilities Management Sector is central to the achievement of global sustainable development goals with the implementation of new technology, workplace practice and policy, and higher standards in accountability. We appreciate the opportunity to work within the sector and influence change, retention of knowledge, and the promotion of ethical practice.

Level 2 Facilities Services Operator

Our Level 2 Facilities Services Operations (FSO) course develops the soft Facilities Management knowledge, skills and workplace behaviours needed to deeply understand the need and requirements of internal and external stakeholders.

Level 3 Facilities Management Supervisor

Professional development for Facilities Management taking their first steps into management. An opportunity to develop underpinning knowledge to complex FM issues and the management and leadership of a team.

Level 4 Facilities Manager

Professional development for experienced Facilities Management looking to gain high level status in the sector and to develop exceptional knowledge and skills across all aspects of of their role.

Let us help you choose the Facilities Management course that will benefit you most

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