Your team’s future is in your hands

putting your needs first

We work with over 100 employers primarily within the education sector including primary and secondary schools, the early years and care sector. Our aim is to meet all your training needs for all support staff.  We can have a significant impact on your staff training and can tailor a programme to suit your needs. Our bespoke delivery includes working around working shifts, assessment in the workplace and delivery at a time and place suitable to both employers and employees. We ensure that our training meets the professional standards required for that job role and that the employee can have a significant impact on the workplace.

working in partnership with you

what we do

We work with you to find out your key strategic aims and how we can support you to work towards them and utilise your levy to ensure you’re your staff have an impact and have improved knowledge skills and behaviours.

how do we meet your requirements?

It’s simple we listen to you!  We find out what you need and what you want. We find out the keys areas for improvement, we look at the most up to date frameworks and standards  to meet those requirements. We help you recruit new apprentices in the workplace based on your job description and requirements of your organisation.  We provide a bespoke service to unsure that we are meeting your expectations.

tailored for you

what apprenticeships do we offer?

  • Business and administration
  • Children and young people’s workforce
  • Supporting teaching and learning in school
  • Customer services
  • Facilities management
  • Leadership and management
  • Residential childcare


If there is an apprenticeship that we do not offer we will find you the most suitable provider for this training.

delivering for you

How do we deliver training?

  • We ensure that you have details of all key people who will be part in the learning journey
  • All knowledge skills and behaviours are assessed on site and in the classroom
  • We pre-book all appointments and our trainer/assessors
  • We carry out workplace observations, professional discussions and provide knowledge input if required.
  • We provide 1-2-1 support with functional skills if a learner has additional learning needs.
  • We book your staff in for workshops for group learning and knowledge input

How do I know my staff are progressing?

  • We will arrange regular meetings with you and your staff
  • We will provide you with an e-portfolio observer account so you can monitor progress
  • We will send you progress reports
  • We will contact you if we have any concerns or a member of staff is not engaging
  • We work with you to support your staff to minimise the risk and build confidence and soft skills.

what about funding?

We can help you find the right funding for your needs.

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