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Charlotte works as a part-time Teaching Assistant at Abbey Primary School and is in the process of completing a Level 3, Early Years Education certificate with Train Together. Understanding that her learning style is more practically-based, and not sure what to do after leaving college, Charlotte took the suggested Apprenticeship route in conjunction with Abbey Primary School.

“It’s been great to carry on learning while working, so I can put things into practice as I go. I’ve had loads of help from my assessor – they’ve been so supportive – and I feel like they genuinely care about and believe in me. I see them every other week which is about right. They’ve provided very constructive feedback all the way along and take the time to have 1-2-1s with me. We recently had a team building day which paid so many dividends – I love it!”

Charlotte has found one of the biggest benefits of the course to be the growth in her confidence. She explains, “It’s brought new challenges and that’s been great in pushing my boundaries and helping my confidence.”

“As my knowledge about my field has increased, so has my confidence in what I’m doing. I’m much more comfortable about speaking to people too and taking new opportunities. In fact, I volunteered and went to Africa where I worked in schools and orphanages, helping with things like schoolwork and cooking. It was such a great experience that I’m hoping to go to Vietnam in 2019!”

Once Charlotte has successfully completed her course she’ll start the new term as a full-time teaching assistant.

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