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Guita is a school education support apprentice and has shown a tremendous amount of commitment towards her Level 3 Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship Standard that she is working towards. Due to Guita’s efforts she has been selected as our Childcare and School Education Apprentice of the Year 2021! Guita’s confidence and self-belief has increased tenfold since she started the apprenticeship in January 2020. In particular, her trainer coach, Michelle Sherriff, really values Guita’s never fear approach, always looking to tackle her training with a positive attitude and a smile! Guita has always been highly motivated and driven to push forward and succeed, completing every task to a very high standard. Based at Wolsey House Primary School, Guita has shown outstanding passion and dedication towards her learning throughout the last year, putting her skills into practice within the classroom to ensure really positive outcomes for the children she supports. Michelle has conveyed “Guita is a very humble person that dedicates so much time to her development, undertaking every CPD opportunity and workshop – it’s lovely to see” – Michelle Sherriff, Trainer Coach.

“I really enjoy my role. I like working with children and I like working as part of a team. I enjoy going to school in the mornings to start my work! Train Together has played a significant part in guiding me in the right direction, I knew what I was doing before but I needed that clear guidance. Michelle has made me love learning – I was very scared, and she has brought my confidence back. She has really helped me and supported me well, so have the school”. – Guita Lavingia, Teaching Assistant, Wolsey House Primary.

Congratulations Guita on your Apprentice of the Year in Childcare and School Education 2021!!

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