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Richard Coolahan is the Technical Health Care Contract Manager for Bellrock supporting St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in London to maintain their engineering infrastructure and to keep their buildings operating to a excellent standard across the region. Richard leads a small, dispersed team across the capital who provide planned preventative maintenance to facilities management systems; a vital foundation to the front-line support provided to us all by our NHS. Richard and his team work long hours at great risk and the Covid-19 (C-19) pandemic has added additional pressures and challenges. Throughout the lockdowns, Richard has impressed Bellrock and our team with the way he has led this team and provided a high quality service to NHS England London, advising them on the limitations and constraints of what is possible and what is not advisable with the new safety measures in place. Despite the immense pressures he has been under, Richard has been a marvellous example of fortitude and professionalism, supportive to his team and committed to all elements of his apprenticeship. Richard makes significant and valuable contributions in management and leadership workshops; mentoring other learners and supporting the cohort he is in to remain highly motivated to succeed both personally and professionally.

Richard describes the course as “engaging and professional”.  Richard believes that a huge part of this is down to his tutor, Mike Isted. “Mike’s tutelage guided and mentored us around styles, theories and principles of management via motivation and empowerment, that was just unit 1 – so he definitely had his work cut out! Changing his delivery in these challenging times was no mean feat keeping us on track. He arranged special speakers like Justin Featherstone MC and our own Dave Richard FIWFM (Chief Operating Officer at Bellrock) to deliver explorative and in-depth discussion on aspects of strategic decision making. It was impressive and really informative!”

Richard says that the course has been a privilege to be part of and that Mike “has been a great teacher, mentor and hopefully, if I PASS, a Friend.”

You’re definitely on track to more than pass your Level 5 Operations Departmental Manager standard… Keep up the fantastic work and looking forward to seeing you face to face when times allow!

Richard has been awarded as our Apprentice of the Year in Leadership and Management 2021! Congratulations and all the best with your End Point Assessment!

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