Early years, Individuals, Teaching assistant

Zainab has been at Medway Community Primary School in Leicester for 17 years, working as a Teaching Assistant.

Having previously achieved her L3 TA, she decided to sign up for a Level 4 Certificate for Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA) with Train Together. Zainab has a particular interest in working with children who have special needs and feels that the status of having an L4 certificate will help her career progression.

“I started my course last year with a view to completing it within the year. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, life got in the way and some personal issues meant I needed to take a break in my studies.

“Train Together were really supportive and understood my concerns and, more importantly, my priorities at the time. They helped me develop a plan which meant I could carry on with my studies bit by bit, at a pace which accommodated everything else I needed to deal with.”

There are a number of Teaching Assistants at Medway who are either already undertaking qualifications or looking to start with Train Together. The school and Train Together have an on-going relationship and Zainab would absolutely recommend them for training.

“Train Together have been great to work with and their support and encouragement have meant I’ve been able to take the next step in my learning and development. My final observation is towards the middle of May and I’m really looking forward to completing this course and then deciding what comes next!”

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