Charles Dall’Omo PhD BSc (Hons)Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

What makes you tick?

My mission is to see those around me grow and achieve goals that they didn’t think would be possible. To do this, I encourage people to own their personal power and I have to be acutely aware not to fall into the trap of being a rescuer. I’m a huge fan of Nancy Kline’s Ten Components of a Thinking Environment and I absolutely love it when I am privileged to see and hear about personal positive change in my staff team and my coaching clients. I also highly motivated by seeing success stemming from learning and development programmes we deliver for clients and hearing personal stories from learners about achieving their lifelong goals. I am very fortunate to do the job I do.

What do you do at Train Together?

My role is to ensure Train Together meets its goals and objectives by (a) engaging the whole staff team and (b) understanding the marketplace. A large part of my role is to support the senior leadership team, to listen to our team and to clients, to keep up an eye on the horizon to help the company continually improve and to promote Train Together.

What’s your story?

I founded Train Together in 2010 with the goal to create an organisation that empowered and gave opportunity to its team and, by the power of this culture, delivered exceptional training and teaching that would see people unlocked, abound in confidence and supported to make a significance difference to those around them; their families, their friends, their colleagues and their community. My background as a Research Scientist means that I love nothing more than understanding and linking things that seem from the outside to be complex and distinct – This is what I like to do with local and national funding and the people strategies of organisations. We want to unpack the funded learning and development world so it’s easy to understand, digest and engage with. My success measure is the impact we have on a person’s life and how together with our employer clients, learners and stakeholders make a difference to this world.