Mary WallTrainer Coach: Workplace & Facilities Management

What makes you tick?

Ensuring that I have a good work and life balance so that is why I chose to be a Trainer Coach which, whilst in the pandemic, meant I was able to change my job and spend more time appreciating both aspects of my wellbeing and life balance.  I want to hopefully make a difference to other peoples lives as well as my own

Wanting to be the best at what I do and enjoy life to the full ensuring that the people I help and support, feel good about themselves which in turn makes me feel proud and good about myself as a whole person.

Feeling good about who I am and how I treat, and respect others is key as when I am sad this it is normally due to things that I have not been able to manage and oversee and has impacted on others.  When Mary feels good, she does her absolute best to make others feel good and happy.  I want to help others to help themselves and realise their potential.

What do you do at Train Together?

I have joined a strong Facilities Management Team at Train Together who are passionate about the profession that I have grown and supported for over 35+ years.  I joined the company just under 3 months ago after waiting for over a year for this opportunity, and I am enjoying every moment.  I want to be there for learning partners who have started their journey on this sometimes uncertain path, and give the support and encouragement that I received through my mentors and colleagues in the past, and pass it on.

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