Nicola ClarkHead of Learner Support

What makes you tick?

Supporting, enabling and empowering neurodiverse learners to achieve their true potential.

What do you do at Train Together?

My job as Head of Learner Support is to manage each learner’s profile from the start of their apprenticeship until the end of their learning journey.

As part of the information, advice and guidance process, every apprentice will undertake Cognassist and BKSB assessments in English and Maths. These are the two assessment and learning systems that I am responsible for.

The assessment needs in Cognassist indicate literacy and numeracy difficulties, as well as visual information processing speed and perception. Individuals with learning difficulties or disabilities receive additional learning support and we record their journey on Bud, our learner management system. A support plan is created to support teaching, learning and assessment and ultimately to ensure that our programmes of learning are inclusive. We allow access arrangements for exams and reasonable adjustments for end-point assessment. Monthly strategies are provided for learners requiring additional support during apprenticeships and I support learners and trainer coaches to implement the strategies and link them to their apprenticeship.