Sonia CooperTrainer Coach for Childcare and School Education

What makes you tick?

I am passionate about creating a positive culture and embedding my values and British values in all that I do. I enjoy seeing people succeed and pushing themselves, and seeing their confidence grow in their own ability. It’s great to be on that learning journey with them and supporting them to achieve their end goals.

What do you do at Train Together?

Within my role, I support learners one-on-one by providing my time, and guidance, and enabling them to access learning. I encourage them to look at the next chapter in their personal and professional lives and make positive steps to have a great future!

All learners have their own unique way of learning and I enjoy building a rapport with them. This awareness is very important and my apprentice and adult learners appreciate my dedication to differentiating their programme. For learners, it can be difficult to juggle home and work life while completing an apprenticeship.