Will PaulHead of Delivery for Accountancy and Facilities Management

What makes you tick?

My passion is the education of the next generation; my skill set is adaptable to meet the ever-changing needs of society. I understand how to get the best out of learners and how to share my experiences to ensure knowledge is firmly embedded in the mind.

I love people trusting me, and I am confident that I will always be an anchor for change and forward-thinking. What makes me tick? I can meet and exceed the needs of those counting on me to support their journey to success and strive to be the best version of myself in every moment.

What do you do at Train Together?

At Train Together, my role as the Head of Accountancy and Facilities Management is a dynamic blend of leadership and strategic oversight. Guiding a team of dedicated trainers, I orchestrate the delivery of apprenticeship standards nationwide.

My primary responsibility lies in creating an environment where our trainers can thrive. I enable them to create transformational learning journeys for our students by offering consistent support. The creation and development of a curriculum that serves as a shining example of significance and knowledge in the field of learning lies at the core of this objective. In this capacity, I am not just a manager but a steward of growth. I am dedicated to sculpting a robust foundation upon which our trainers can shape the minds of future professionals.

Every day, my commitment is fuelled by the recognition that the expertise we nurture today will mould the leaders and professionals of tomorrow. It is a privilege to steer this voyage of knowledge, enabling our team not only to meet but exceed the educational expectations of the industry.